Out of Hours

Out of Hours Telephone Answering Service

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Call Management offers clients a 24×7 Out of Hours (OOH) support solution. Our OOH service allows our clients to support their customers around the clock. This is a cost-effective way to support customers across different markets and time zones without the requirement for an in-house team. 

Our team has gained extensive experience in OOH support across several sectors including Government Bodies, Pharmaceuticals, County Councils and Property Management Firms. 

Our Management Team works with our clients to map an OOH procedure tailored to differing requirements. Our aim is to provide First Contact Resolution (FCR) where possible to continuously enhance customer satisfaction. When developing OOH procedures with clients we take several criteria into account including:


  • Urgent and Non Urgent Queries;
  • Shared or dedicated support based on transaction levels; 
  • On-call escalation processes;
  • Elements to establish First Contact Resolution;
  • Diverting phone lines.  


All transactions are logged and recorded, which can be escalated to our clients in real time or historically.

Out Of Hours Telephone Answering Team

Each client account is allocated a Team Leader to oversee the operational aspects of each account. The Team Leader will be your designated point of contact for all updates, requests, and reporting requirements. The Team Leader will meet you to understand your current call procedure and customer’s needs. Our aim is to become an extension of our clients’ in-house operations by getting to know your team, values, and the way you work. Prior to the start date of any project, we will run a test period to ensure that the service is being delivered as prescribed. Any amendments required will be implemented prior to going live.

Out Of Hours (OOH) Telephone Answering Technology

  • Call Management’s telephone system automatically routes our clients’ incoming calls to our in-house team. 
  • Each client’s calls are answered in the company’s name using a predefined script available to our team in our in-house knowledge base. 
  • Our Management team works with our clients to understand what information is required from the customer to resolve the query. 
  • All transactions are forwarded to our client’s in-house team using the preferred method including email or text message. 
  • All calls are recorded for quality monitoring and analysis. We also provide daily, weekly and monthly reports

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