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Always evolving with our clients' needs

Key Answering Systems was launched in 2001 by our Managing Director, Pat Keogh. At the time the organization’s main objective was to reduce our clients’ receptionist and administrative costs through a Shared Agent Support Model. 


In 2004, we rebranded to Call Management and relocated to a larger office space in Cork. With this move, we extended our operating hours to 24×7 to enable our clients to support their customers around the clock. 


Over time more and more of our clients commissioned Call Management to carry out Market Research projects on their behalf. As a result, we added Market Research to our service portfolio to meet our clients’ needs. Since offering the service in 2003, we have gained extensive experience in customer satisfaction surveys, employee exit surveys, and bespoke database management projects.

As customer behaviors shifted over the years to more digitally based channels we introduced email and live chat support.


Our multichannel service offering became a one-stop shop for all our clients outsourcing needs. In 2012 we launched our sister company Arema Connect, focusing our efforts on the ever-changing scope of Customer Contact Centre services by using the latest technologies and customer service channels to better serve our client’s customers.


Our award-winning company Arema Connect, provides a suite of Customer Support and Market Research Services.

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