Market Research Services

Call Management is a trusted market research provider in delivering field research on behalf of our clients via telephone and email. Our market research campaigns are tailored to your specific needs and are delivered within your desired time frame.

Our expertise includes

Customer & Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Surveying current and former employees and customers to ensure their satisfaction levels are sufficient. This method of research gives you a grasp of the satisfaction levels of your employees and customers.

Database Management & Cleaning

Inputting, cleaning, sorting, and managing our clients’ databases. Our team has experience in managing databases to support promotional campaigns; managing of human resource records and maintenance of operational data.

Opinion Polls

The process of gathering opinions from your target market – this could include customers, employees, a specific demographic, or a sample of the general public.

New Product Development Surveys

Surveying an array of your potential clients and individuals from your target market to distinguish whether the product is apt within your target market.


Partnership and Confidentiality

At Call Management our aim is to develop long-term trusted partnerships with our Market Research clients.

ISO 27001:2013

We place a huge emphasis on Information Security and Data Protection. All our in-house systems are robust and audited to the highest possible standard ensuring our clients’ data is protected.

Quickly ramp up to hit tight deadlines

Call Management specializes in supporting our clients with ongoing field research projects and delivering bespoke studies with tight deadlines in fast turnaround times. 

Quality focused

Our contact centre is ISO 9001:2015 accredited. We strive to deliver the highest quality of service to our clients across all of our channels and services.

Your services managed around the clock by us