Email Handling Support

Call Management is on hand to provide you and your clients with 24x7x365 email support to complement your multichannel support services. Our email support teams have extensive experience in supporting our clients and their customers via email to enhance customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.


At Call Management we cater to all business types within a wide range of industries, including Automotive, Healthcare, and Finance. We can provide you with a bespoke dedicated email handling team or a shared agent support model. Call Management can support you and your customers through your existing or preferred CRM system.

  • Canned responsesDevelopment of email macros and templates to answer the most common customer queries;
  • Tailored solutions – Access our customers’ inboxes or use their preferred email ticketing system;
  • Management of a variety of queries – Support and manage a wide range of functions to support the end to end Customer Journey;
  • Quality driven – Comprehensive quality assurance ensuring the correct use of grammar, spelling, and adherence to processes;
  • Fast resolution of customer queries – Quick response times to enhance customer satisfaction.

Our Expertise includes

Customer Information Support

Our Email support channel allows you to provide a seamless experience to your customers when looking for information including details of products and services.

After Sales Support

We support your customers after the initial sale of products or services. Providing your customers with an after-sales support service leads to brand loyalty and ensures a high level of customer satisfaction is acquired by our clients from their customers.

Point of Sales, Warranties & Refund Query Support

Email support can be utilized to assist customers in placing orders, warranties requests, and returns. 


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