About Us

At Call Management we have a fundamental focus on delivering the best quality customer support. Over the last 20 years, we have continuously evolved our service offering to meet our client’s ever-changing needs. Our team is at the core of everything we do and continuously strives for an enhanced Customer Experience (CX) on behalf of our clients.


The Call Management team currently consists of 120 customer support agents. We offer our clients dedicated and shared agent business models based on their differing requirements and projected number of transactions.

Shared Agent Support: Many of our SME clients opt for our Shared Agent Support model allowing their transactions to be handled by a pool of shared agents. This is a cost-effective approach for clients with a  projected lower volume of transactions. Our Shared Services team receives full training in each client’s processes and values.


Dedicated Agent Support: Our client accounts that experience higher volumes of transactions are managed by dedicated teams. Depending on volumes, dedicated agents can be assigned solely to one client account. 

The Call Management team 


Call Management places an emphasis on staff training and development, as we believe this directly impacts service delivery on behalf of our clients. 


  • Lean Sigma: All of our frontline team have completed a Lean Six Sigma White and Yellow belt training program to enhance service delivery and efficiencies for our clients.
  • Complaint Handling: Our frontline team has completed a complaint handling course to ensure that they have the ability to effectively deal with any complaints that may arise.
  • Multilingual Support: We provide multilingual customer support. Our team includes French, Irish, German, and Spanish speakers.
  • High staff retention rate: Staff retention is a major focus for us and as a result, our retention rate is 95% which is the highest in the industry. Our agents stay with us on average 5 years. 

‘No two days are the same at Call Management, working with multiple client accounts makes the working day enjoyable. We strive to deliver the best service to our clients and their customers’


Sophie, Customer Support Agent

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